Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Sportswomen strives to create a network of local women who are passionate about the outdoors and conservation through hunting and fishing. Beginners, novices, and experts are all welcome to join, for we aim to learn from each other and to create a sisterhood of similar interests among our local communities in the Rockies.


Our Goals

  1. Education

    At Rocky Mountain Sportswomen we believe education is the fundamental key to our mission of getting more women in the outdoors, and creating conservationist role models. We not only want to educate our participants in new skills in order to be successful in the field, but we want to educate the rest of the community the importance hunting and fishing in regards to wildlife conservation, and access to public lands in the United States.

  2. Conservation

    As hunters and anglers, it is our responsibility to take an extra step in conservation efforts beyond purchasing licenses, game tags, and hunting equipment. Rocky Mountain Sportswomen is proud to partner with local and national organizations to raise awareness and funds for wildlife research, and public land and water access.

  3. Community

    With the national hunting community being 90% men, we want to normalize women in the field. By bringing like-minded women together, we create an empowering sisterhood that is not only inspiring for each other, but also to our children, the future of hunting and fishing. By encouraging more women to get out and hunt and fish, Rocky Mountain Sportswomen will continue to keep the hunting community alive as it continues to drop every year.

One individual cannot possibly make a difference, alone. It is individual efforts, collectively, that makes a noticeable difference—all the difference in the world!
— Dr. Jane Goodall